Lukas Podolski has arrived in Italy ahead of his move to Inter Milan declaring Forza Inter!

There were no hashtags mentioned.

Landing earlier with an Inter fan gathering waiting for him at the airport, the striker who was ‘injured‘ for Arsenal’s game against Southampton and Inter wasted no time in releasing a statement in which Lukas ‘once a Gunner’ Podolski said

“I spoke to Mancini and think he’s a great Coach. He wanted me and I’m happy to be here. I know Serie A, it’s a very competitive League.

“I want to help the team get into the Champions League. Do I have a message for the fans? I am happy, Forza Inter and we hope to have a great season.”

Lukas Podolski at Inter Milan
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Lukas Podolski arrives at Inter
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He is expected to sign a loan deal until the end of the season while Inter will have an option to buy him in a permanent arrangement.

He may not have been able to manage himself too well within the team but there’s no doubting how well he manages his own image.