The Daily Star ran an article yesterday suggesting that Arsenal will make a £7m move for Chelsea’s out of favour goalkeeper Petr Cech.

According to the report, Wenger has now lost faith in Wojciech Szczesny following his poor performance against Southampton and sees the out-of-favour Chelsea man as an ideal signing.

As ever though, the story starts to fall apart in the actual details.

Firstly, there is no information as to how the Star know that Arsenal are going to move for Cech – something that gets even more sketchy when the report confirms that Wenger has refused to confirm that he will make a bid.

Secondly, the quotes used in the article are from Cech’s agent Viktor Kolar who says that “I think Arsenal should have made an offer to him” – yet there is nothing to suggest that Arsenal have or will be making a move – and these quotes aren’t even new! We first covered them before Christmas so when you actually trace the quotes back they come from this article from the 22nd December – which shows that not only have the Star taken the quote out of context (Kolar himself suggests that it’s unlikely that Cech will be leaving in the January window) but also that what he said was actually aimed at Liverpool, as was the whole original article.

Given the past tense of the Arsenal part of the quote, I think that he is probably speaking about before Arsenal signed David Ospina.

And thirdly, if Arsenal are going to struggle to give game time to both Ospina and Szczesny, how exactly is Cech going to fit in as well? Will he be happy going to a club where he wouldn’t definitely be first choice? What would happen to Emi Martinez?

Yes Szczesny’s form has dropped.

Yes he needs to be kept on his toes and being dropped from the first team could well do him good in the longer term.

But he is the undisputed number one at Arsenal – and will be for a while unless something goes very wrong (worse than it already has) – and because of that this move won’t even happen in the summer.

Wenger has much bigger things to worry about -like a defence and someone to protect it.

Also, I can’t help feeling that as Cech is the second goalkeeper that the Star have linked with Arsenal in the space of two days that they aren’t really as “in the know” as they make out and have just decided that Arsenal fans might think they need a new keeper after Woj’s howlers so it would be a good idea to do some stories about that.