Every transfer window hits a stage where old rumours resurface because the tabloids run out of other ideas.

On Tuesday night the Sun re-linked Arsenal with a summer move for a player that they have definitely moved for in the past – Barcelona’s Luis Suarez.

Could this be a rumour with any truth to it at all?

We are all familiar with Arsenal’s attempt to sign Suarez from Liverpool a couple of years ago.

Desperate for a striker, Arsenal made a £40,000,001 move for Luis Suarez believing it would trigger a release clause in his contract.

But despite the (relatively well-known now) fact that Suarez DID have a release clause, Liverpool refused to let him leave and he ended up staying at Liverpool and playing a major role in their failed push for the title last season before moving to Barcelona at the end of the season for a fee somewhere between £65-£75m depending on your source.

Arsenal, in turn, signed ANOTHER attacking midfielder in Mesut Ozil and then attackers Danny Welbeck and Alexis Sanchez at the start of this season.

That pretty much brings up to date.

The Sun article reports that Arsenal will make another move for Suarez in the summer.

Struggling for form in La Liga, and with a possible regime change on the way at Barcelona, Suarez could, apparently, be being made available for transfer.

But in terms of details from the Sun – that is it.

The article conveniently makes no mention of the fact that Barcelona are under a transfer ban this summer so they won’t be able to replace him and whilst Suarez hasn’t yet hit his Premiership form, there is little question that with time he could well prove to be a great asset for Barcelona. Even if that is a controversial one.

Without more information being available, that’s pretty much the end of the story, at least for the time being.

It seems to be a story designed for the headline and for clicks – and for the Sun, an article that makes you want to pay to read the rest of the article (as I did) with the hope that it contained information that could point to a move.

But it doesn’t.

Reflecting on it, would Arsenal now want to pay what would surely be a club record fee for Suarez?

Bear in mind that he is two years older now than when Arsenal initially moved for him and taking into account that up front, Arsenal are definitely a different team with more options available than they were two seasons ago. I’m not convinced they would.

Whilst Arsenal will look to spend and strengthen the squad again this summer, there will be other priorities (defensive midfield).

Suarez is quality, but unless the price is fantastic, that money could be much better spent improving the rest of the squad.

Plus, let’s not forget the little matter of a man called Alexis Sanchez who is as good, if not better, than Suarez and who doesn’t cheat, dive, bite and racially abuse people.

Suarez has made 11 appearances for Barcelona this season scoring two goals and providing 11 assists.