Arsenal will apparently open talks with Roma over the signing of Destro according to reports which have surfaced today.

Reported in the Express, their source is Tancredi Palmeri and apparently the reason Arsenal are keen on signing the 23-year-old is because they are running out of offensive options.

Problem 1 – Arsenal are not running out of defensive options.

Danny Welbeck is currently sidelined with a thigh injury but is expected to come back within the next two weeks. In fact, Arsenal have so many forward options that they’ve even sent two forwards out on loan.

Problem 2 – Tancredi Palmeri as the source.

The Italian journalist seems to get most of his information from Sky Sports Italia, not that you can ever ask him about that as he has blocked hundreds, if not thousands, of Arsenal fans on Twitter, the majority of whom have never spoken to him.

There is one quote to back up all these claims from the player himself. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that it was given to…dum dum dum…Sky Sports Italia.

Destro said

I am a Roma player right now.

My position is that I am a striker, I want to do well, to play and to score.

It could be that Arsenal see him as a replacement for Lukas Podolski who surely won’t return to the club after his loan with Inter Milan finishes, but will they be trying o bring someone in during January?

I highly doubt it.

They have far more pressing areas of the squad to address and with prices artificially inflated in January I can’t see Arsene Wenger pushing for this to happen this month.

I’d try and find out more from Tancredi, but he blocked me.