Arsenal fans aren’t quite sure what to make of Alex Iwobi’s Instagram message about bouncing back from his side’s 1-0 defeat to Spurs.

Iwobi came on for the final 25 minutes against Tottenham on Saturday and didn’t do a fantastic job. Granted, the 21-year-old wasn’t Arsenal’s worst player and was ‘only’ dispossessed once but his performance was definitely lacking.

The winger’s form has been poor for a while and Arsenal fans began to turn on him months ago.

Fortunately for Iwobi, Alexandre Lacazette seemed to take the brunt of the fan fury at the weekend but the Nigeria international has put himself in the firing line with what appears to be a heart-felt message on his Instagram story.

On Sunday, while the entire Arsenal team apart from Jack Wilshere went into hiding, Iwobi apologised to the fans.

Sort of.

While Iwobi never actually said sorry, you do get the feeling that this was the message he was trying to convey.

It’s very nice and all, and most fans appreciate the youngster reaching out, but it’s hard to take his words at face value when they’ve been said, either by him, other players or Arsene Wenger, countless times in the past.

Iwobi wants us to ‘trust’ that Arsenal are working hard to bounce back but how can we do that when the team haven’t before?

It seems most Gooners echo my thoughts on the matter.

Some are even convinced that the forward’s message is just PR designed to get the fans back on side.

“I don’t wanna be cynical because I really like Iwobi, he really does seem like a genuine guy… But it’s definitely easier to be mature in hindsight after getting a lot of criticism (and abuse unfortunately),” says Reddit user Flyingsubs. “That, plus the fact that his team and family seem to bring him down to Earth after ‘controversies’. Hopefully they can keep him grounded, he’s still only 21 and has a lot of learning/growing to do.”

Tportelli2000 chimed in, “(He) created the only clear cut chance in the whole game and played for only 25 minutes. Scapegoating him shows how stupid you are.”

Here’s what Twitter had to say: