Stan Kroenke has settled one lawsuit over Americans with Disabilities Act violations this week, but is now facing another over breach of contract.

Kristin Kurlander, who is deaf, filed the first lawsuit.

She accused the Pepsi Center of violating the ADA by not providing captions during games.

According to the 4th January edition of the Denver Post, Kroenke Arena Company will now provide open captioning at events. This means anyone with a hearing impairment will be able to read player introductions, or anything broadcast over the PA system.

Kroenke agreed to cover attorney costs.

Kurlander’s lawyer released a statement, saying: “(We) really hope that other arenas around the country and here in Denver will learn from this and not wait to be sued before they provide access to their deaf patrons.”

Meanwhile, the LA Rams, also owned by Kroenke, are in the midst of constructing a new stadium. But they’re being sued as well, according to the 28th December’s Regina Leader-Post.

The city of St. Louis allege the Rams decided to move the team before applying for a relocation. They’re seeking millions in lost tax revenue as well as the $16m they lost trying to retain the team.

However, the Rams say there was no violation of the league’s relocation policy.

It’s good to know things are going so well with Kroenke’s teams across the Atlantic. If they weren’t, he might have to cut back on all the time he spends on Arsenal. I can hardly imagine how the club would cope.