Jose Mourinho has managed to shock everyone by bringing up Arsenal and not look visibly nauseated.

Whenever Mourinho speaks about Arsenal, he looks as if he’s trying not to vomit but, when asked about Alexis Sanchez’s missed drugs test last week, the Manchester United coach actually managed to be somewhat complimentary. Sort of.

“I think Arsenal were very honest in the way they approached the situation,” said Mourinho.

“We all know we must tell the whereabouts, our players where they are 24 hours a day.

“Nobody knew where he was going to be, it was just a period of his transfer. So I think it’s easily understandable, no one’s mistake and just a consequence of the moment.”

Last Monday, Alexis missed a drugs test with Arsenal because he was in the process of completing his move to United, which was announced later that day.

As neither club really knew where he was, his whereabouts couldn’t be reported, which has to happen during every training session.

If the player is unaccounted for three times in the space of a year, they can receive a two-year ban or the club, in this case Arsenal, can receive a fine.

When asked about the situation last week, Wenger insisted the Chilean was always well-behaved, suggesting this isn’t his third striker.

The Frenchman also pointed out that, at the time, the 29-year-old was still an Arsenal player so they will take the blame.

“Honestly on the administration side certainly it would still be our responsibility because on the day he had not moved so maybe it will be down to us, to our responsibility,” Wenger said.

“I don’t know what happened but usually we try our best to get our players available and coordinate well.”

This is obviously the part Mourinho commended. Although I imagine he had to go and take a hot shower afterwards.