Arsenal started the 2016/17 season with a wealth of goalkeeping experience at their disposal, but it has been a position that has caused more than a few discussions amongst Arsenal fans.

A goalkeeper is, of course, the last line of defence and as such they see their mistakes highlighted a lot more than any other player.

If they get it wrong, a goal usually results. That being said, they can still make things difficult for themselves as Arsenal keepers love to do.

Here’s how all Arsenal’s keepers got on this season:

1Petr Cech 7

If I’d written this review a few weeks back, when Petr Cech was out injured, I’m quite sure it would be different than it is now.

37 goals conceded in 35 league games with 12 cleansheets doesn’t even begin to tell the story of a keeper who looked like his final days at the club were approaching rapidly.

His near post continued to cause him problems and his decision making showed surprising hesitancy.

Then he got injured.

When he returned he was inspired and was a large part of Arsenal’s winning run that brought them close to sealing an unlikely Champions League spot at the end of the season.

Cech did all he could, even defying critics to make saves at his near post.