Petr Cech managed to get a dig in at Tottenham in his post-match interview, despite losing, when he said they were having their ‘best season in the history of their club’.

The Arsenal shot-stopper, who has not had the best season, really proved his worth as he stopped it from being a total humiliation with three top drawer saves in the second half.

Interviewed by Sky immediately after the game, the Czech admitted that he expected a tough game from Tottenham because they have “been having the best season in the history of their club.”

That’s not quite true, but it’s funny enough to raise a smile amongst a bunch of sad Gooners.

Losing this match feels no different than others we’ve lost recently and that’s not normal. Usually, losing to this lot is sure to make fans angry. Not this time.

This time we’re all just sad.

Our problems go so much deeper than finishing below Tottenham for the first time in over two decades.