Arsenal’s recent game against West Brom was another disappointing result for the club, yet it was the way we lost which hurt fans the most.

In attack, we never looked like scoring and it appeared that our strategy for the game was to pass it sideways for a few minutes, then pass it to either a winger or right/left back, who would either pass the ball backwards or put in a meaningless cross.

Sanchez did well to score his goal, but that was pretty much our only chance.


Defenceless defence

Our second goal was bad enough, but the two that came from corners were unbelievable. As in it was unbelievable that a top four (or six now I guess) team in the Premier League could concede goals like that. I remember watching the replays of the goals and genuinely laughed.

I could not believe how we defended them. Or didn’t.

The pundits after the game deservedly slammed our defence, criticising the lack of leadership in the team.

I think that’s a good point, our lack of leadership, but after watching those corners again and again, I just thought, does anyone in the team have any common sense? Surely players at that level and on those salaries, should have been able to deal with those corners?

I understand that they have tactics for corners, but can no-one in the team adapt to situations? If they see an unmarked player running towards the back post, I don’t understand why none of them can decide to deal with it.

Yes, some actual leadership would help the team in these situations, but should these players need someone to hold their hand and tell them specifically what to do?

I’ve never played football at a high level (shocker) but if I saw three West Brom players at the back post, I certainly wouldn’t move away to give all THREE of them a free jump (Mustafi I’m looking at you).

That just seems like common sense, to me.