Olivier Giroud has revealed that Arsene Wenger just tells the squad to ignore criticism.

  • France play Luxembourg tonight at 7.45pm cannon balls rating 0
  • Giroud has been a vocal backer of Arsene Wenger

Speaking in an interview with L‘Equipe magazine , the French forward said, “In the league we are always among the top four.

“We do not feel any pressure in the Champions League even though it has the out of reach.

“The coach always tells us to ignore the criticism.

“Obviously our goal is to win titles, but this is not a determining factor in my career.

“I am still happy in London.”

Speaking recently to beIN Sports, Arsene Wenger said that the only information he had about his own future was that he had no more information.

After dropping the bombshell after West Brom that he has made a decision about his future, he seems to have decided to keep it to himself.

Perhaps an international break wouldn’t have been the best time to announce that he’s staying. After all, it just gives people two weeks with only that to obsess over and lets fan sentiment fester.

But it’s not going to be well received across large sections of the support no matter when they announce it.

If the club are hoping for an unbeaten charge until the end of the season and maybe even another FA Cup to placate, they are in for a very rude awakening.