Jeff Reine-Adelaide recently hailed Thierry Henry and Robert Pires, referring to the way they conduct themselves as ‘exemplary’.

The 19-year-old also explained how supportive Henry has been during his time at Arsenal.

“All players and children should look at how Thierry Henry and Robert Pires conduct themselves nowadays because they are exemplary,” he said.

“They are straightforward, always ready to chat with us and have a laugh.

“They spend a lot of time with the young players, talking things through and giving advice.

“Away from the pitch, I’ve gone out for a meal with Henry two or three times and he is a really great guy. He has always been very supportive to me and I am grateful to him for that.

“I always admired Henry’s – I don’t want to use the word arrogance – his assuredness, his confidence. He knew exactly who he was. He had such confidence and he was a leader.

“As for Pires, I admired the fact that he kept it simple on the pitch, defended well and was incredibly skilful too.”

Jeff only signed for the Gunners from Lens II in 2015 but has already made a total of eight appearances for the first team, six of which came in the FA and League Cups this season.

Although he’s inexperienced, he has a graceful quality to his play and despite having a long way to go, it’s understandable that Henry would take such an interest in the France youth international’s development.

Henry is now the Belgium national team’s assistant coach so will most likely not be spending as much time with the Arsenal lads as he once did. However, while he was at London Colney, he obviously made enough of an impression on Jeff that the teenager is still talking about it.

Having positive, accomplished role models, such as Henry and Pires, still hanging around at the training ground must be inspirational to the youngsters. It gives them something tangible to aim for.