Following Arsenal’s 2-0 FA Cup win against Sutton United at Gander Green Lane on Monday night, the non-League players are set to have a lucky dip to see which player gets which Gunner’s shirt – except for one.

After Lincoln, Sutton are the second non-League club to break the £1m mark as a result of the FA Cup tie, which saw Arsenal donate £50,000 to the U’s disability charity for new classrooms. The Gunner reportedly wanted to give Sutton the £100,000 they earned from gate receipts but the FA rules won’t allow it, so they had to make a charitable donation instead.

Arsenal also gave Sutton the whole team’s shirts, which they’ll put into a lucky dip to see who gets which one. However, Alexis Sanchez threw his into the crowd, so his isn’t there.

Sutton captain, Jamie Collins, is a little disappointed.

“Arsenal gave us all the shirts apart from Sanchez, which is a shame because that’s the one I’d have liked,” he said, report the Daily Express.

Arsenal have done everything they can to help non-League Sutton but it’s of no surprise that The Sun have chosen to focus on the one ‘negative’ from the experience: the fact that the Arsenal players left the away dressing room at Gander Green Lane in a bit of a mess.

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You’d be hard-pressed to find an away dressing room – or any dressing room, for that matter – that was absolutely pristine after the players had left.

The fact that The Sun are choosing to lead with this, rather than the good work Arsenal have done alongside Sutton United, is just typical.