Laurent Koscielny has been speaking to Arsenal player about what it takes to be a footballer.

Hailing the support he’s had from his family and previous managers, the Arsenal vice-captain also had some words of advice for any youngsters who want to make it as a footballer, telling them they need to work hard, maintain humility and have respect for all those who help you get there.

Wise words.

“My parents, my brothers, my sisters, you know, they are a big part of my life, my career because you know in football, everything is not easy and good,” Kos said in the video above.

“We have some bad moments and it is during these bad moments you can see your family and the person who can help you be stronger, mentally and physically.

“I think I had this when I left Guingamp, when I started my career. When you don’t play, you just want to play football and take some pleasure on the pitch.

“When you didn’t have it, it’s very difficult. you need a solution.

“Daniel Sanchez, my coach at Tours, helped me a lot because he gave me a chance to play at centreback. He gave me the confidence I have now.

“Sometimes we have some young players who come to the training ground or I see in the street. They always say ‘I would like to be like you’ and I say ‘OK, if you want to be like me you need to work hard.

“To be a professional footballer you need to have some humility, have some respect for your teammates, everyone who helped you to be a footballer.

“It’s very important to have all of this in your help [sic]. I think with this you can be around to be a football player.”