In the wake of the huff ‘scandal’ at the weekend, Arsenal have wasted no time in releasing a video of Alexis telling us all how happy he is at the club.

It’s not a new interview – we covered part of it just before Xmas – but it is the timing of the release of the video that is interesting.

“I definitely feel like an important player and my team-mates let me know every day.

“I try to prove that I am important player every day and game after game,” he told the club’s official Youtube channel.

It’s not hard to see what’s going on here, Alexis rarely gives interviews. With all the contract speculation on top of what happened at Swansea, the club are clearly trying to dampen down a story that isn’t’ going to go anywhere anytime soon.

After Mesut Ozil said he was happy at the club over the weekend, prompting some outlets to produce headlines that he is hinting he will stay, it will be interesting to see if the same people go the same way with these comments from Alexis. Especially as he said “I feel really happy and comfortable at the club.”