Arsene Wenger has decided to keep his lips sealed on anything and everything to do with his, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez’s future at Arsenal.

With our two star players’ contracts running out at the end of next season, it’s understandable that not only are we trying to tie them down to new, long-term deals but that the boss is getting asked about said deals at every single press conference.

Wenger’s pre-Everton presser was no different so, in the end, he just decided not to say anything!

“What my head and my heart is telling me is: don’t talk about it anymore!” Wenger said.

To be fair, as the boss has pointed out before, the more he talks about it publicly, the weaker our position. All we need to know is that negotiations are underway.

While many seem convinced that Ozil has decided to stay in north London, no one except him, his representatives and perhaps Wenger really, truly know what’s going on.

Alexis is another story.

Hopefully, we can reach an agreement with both soon.