Thierry Henry actually had some pretty choice words for Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez following reports that they’re demanding £250,000-a-week from Arsenal.

There are even some claims that Alexis is being offered £400,000-a-week to go to China.

Speaking frankly with Sky Sports, the Arsenal legend acknowledged that these two stars are more than just two world class players. They represent greatness and the whole squad revolves around them. If they go, what do we have?

However, on the other hand, Henry also points out that there needs to be a limit. Arsenal can’t be forking out £400,000-a-week, an amount Arsene Wenger has probably never even considered paying a player, every time someone asks for a pay rise.

“Those two players are vital for the future of the club, they have to secure that deal… but to what extent?” Henry told Sky Sports.

“I don’t know if Arsene is going to want to pay those numbers.

“But if they don’t sign, who are you going to bring after that? What’s the future?

“At the moment they are holding the club hostage. They are amazing players but if they are on that amount of money, I want a hat-trick every week – and also when there’s no game!

“You need to be in a situation where you’ve won something already for the club to ask for that amount of money.”

Henry’s right. While I do agree that we should give the players what they want to make them stay at Arsenal, this is within reason. We should have limits.

By paying even £300,000-a-week, we’ll have to completely reshuffle our wage structure as other players begin to demand higher wages as well.

Could we afford that?