The first time Jamie Vardy was asked about Arsenal’s bid in the summer, I understood it.

I also understood it the second time.

By the third set of stories about his non-Arsenal move it was all getting a bit tedious so it is beyond boring now to hear him yammering on about it once again.

Yes, I know, the papers keep asking because they have all the imagination of a drunk gnat when it comes to what they should ask players when they get the privilege of interviewing them. This time, however, he’s promoting a book he has ‘written’.

Speaking on TalkSPORT, Vardy said, “I was in a hotel room for the Euros – you do get a lot of free time – and that time was spent thinking about every single aspect [of Arsenal’s offer], the pros and cons.

“It all came down to my head and my heart both saying ‘stay’.

“I personally think there’s a lot more to come from Leicester and I want to be a part of that.”

There is absolutely nothing in this interview that Vardy hasn’t already said repeatedly since he decided to stay at Leicester instead of moving to Arsenal, much to everyone’s relief here at Cannon Towers.

Yes, Arsenal wanted you, yes you decided to stay. You don’t then get to keep using Arsenal to raise your profile.

So please, Jamie, shut up. You’re starting to sound obsessed.

You might think you’re using Arsenal to generate interest in your upcoming autobiography but you simply sound like a man who might have more than a few second thoughts about the decision he made.