Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez will demand £250k per week, shattering Arsenal’s wage structure according to reports that were just about everywhere you looked online.

Of course, the reaction of many people is simply ‘give it to them’ which would make sense on the surface until you realise how much you would then need to increase the salaries of everyone else at the club.

But take a minute and step back and ask yourself if you think that stories in the press are likely to sway Arsenal’s mind or if they are anything other than agent games.

I doubt that anyone involved is serious about Brexit really being a reason for the huge increase being ‘demanded’, despite how poorly the pound is performing against the Euro (thanks for that, Brexit peeps).

Should Arsenal pay Ozil and Sanchez £250k, that would represent a 78% rise for Ozil and a 108% raise for Sanchez which just seems like something Arsenal wouldn’t even countenance.

But these are negotiations.

All parties will have a starting position and then they will meet somewhere in the middle.

I would expect agreements to be reached at around the £175k mark which would represent a hefty pay-rise for both.

I would also be seriously shocked if Arsenal went over the £200k per week watershed.