Per Mertersacker recently hailed Mesut Ozil’s fine form, claiming that this can lead Arsenal to success.

The injured centreback is still a long way away from returning but that hasn’t stopped him watching from the sidelines.

The German has been impressed with Ozil so far this season after his compatriot decided that he could actually score. He’s now scored six goals so far this season in all competitions.

Speaking to, Mertesacker hailed Ozil’s goalscoring and said that this could lead the club to glory.

“At the moment, everything seems to be coming together for him,” the BFG said.

“Look at him on Wednesday night, he assisted one and then scored three. This is a reward for all of Mesut’s work and patience.

“He’s hungry, he wants success and he wants to push himself. He’s showing now that he can score, that he can help lead the team.

“He’s been vital for us this season and he can make the difference at any second. He wants to lead this club to success, and I’m very happy with his recent performances.”

Interestingly, although Per wasn’t directly referencing leadership in the sense that Ozil could one day be Arsenal captain, he does repeat how he can lead the team a couple of times. It’s an interesting thought considering Ozil doesn’t seem like a captain. He’s amazing but quiet and keeps inside his own head a lot.

Perhaps with the addition of goals to his repertoire this will change?

Mesut Ozil as Arsenal captain… imagine that.