It’s looking more and more likely that Gareth Southgate will be handed the England job full time, which means it’s also looking likely that Arsene Wenger could be signing a contract extension with Arsenal.

There’s not a lot of gossip circulating about the boss’ future now that it doesn’t look as if he’ll be crowned as manager of the Three Lions. Although there was speculation at the beginning of the season that we could be offering him an extension once his contract runs out in 2017, the talk has died down, which is probably a good thing judging by comments from fans on the possibility of him staying.

While a minority would jump for joy if the boss signed an extension now, most would only welcome it if he wins something. It’s been over a decade since we’ve won the Premier League and, with this squad behind him, it should be possible.

Some would welcome an amicable parting of ways, as long as we have someone sensible lined up to replace him. Not Eddie Howe.

“I only want Wenger to leave if we have a proper replacement i.e Diego Simeone or someone of that stature,” one fan said.

“This Eddie Howe talk… I’m not saying he is a bad manager but we are Arsenal Football Club. I’d rather Arsene stay over Eddie f****** Howe anyday.”

And of course, we have those that just want the man away from the club fullstop.

Right now, I’d be happy for him to sign a new contract but I appreciate I’m in the minority with this one.