Arsenal have revealed that Granit Xhaka will wear the number 29 next season and not 16 as they previously announced.

The player has changed his number to 29 because it is ‘the reverse of his birth year’ which apparently gives it special significance.

Arsenal also added “We had previously announced he would be wearing No 16. Supporters who ordered shirts with his name and the original number via Arsenal Direct or in Arsenal stores will have their shirts automatically printed with the new number.”

Arsenal offered their apologies for these ‘special circumstances’ although here at Cannon Towers we’re not quite sure what is going on. If the number has such ‘special significance’ did he just forget about it when he picked 16?

Their tweet was great, though, as Arsenal twitter continues to develop a personality:

Previous players to wear the 29 include Stephen Hughes, Adrian Clarke, Jason Crowe, Jermaine Pennant, Ashley Cole, Moritz Voltz, Sebastien Larsson, and Marouane Chamakh.

Quite the honour roll, eh?