Speaking ahead of the Czech Republic’s match against Kazakhstan on Thursday, Petr Cech revealed that he’s looking forward to appearing for his national team but knows it won’t be easy.

The 33-year-old is just getting back into the swing of things at Arsenal and seems to be getting better by the game, recently pulling off two world class saves against Liverpool. However, national duty is also incredibly important for the Czech and he knows the European qualifier won’t be a walk in the park.

At the team’s press conference in Pilsen, Cech said (via Google Translate), “The Kazakh football is experiencing the best period in history. Astana plays in the Champions League, it may be in their power to show. The national team is composed of players of that team, this success they can have a very positive effect.”

Arsenal teammate, Tomas Rosicky, will miss the game through injury, which Cech believes is a shame but also reckons is a good chance for other players to come in and show what they’re capable of.

“Of course it is always a shame when someone from the nominations because of injury falls,” he said. “Again, this is but a chance for other players to coach show and won a more permanent place in the team. I believe that the confidence of all the players repaid, and everything we trained this week in how the game will sell.”

The goalkeeper added, “The important thing is that everyone played their football. They’re players who fought their way into the national team because what performances served in their clubs. Must not too feel that it’s the match is very important and that for some it may be the first match the national team.”

About the game in hand, Cech is ready for a challenge but believes if his national team just stick to their guns and play how they know, they should be fine.

“It’s been awhile,” said Cech. “Kazakhstan might play a little different style, but we want to repeat our performance from Astana. There we got on well and controlled the match until the victorious end.

“I do not mind these matches. I have a career experienced a lot of games when he was wrestling with one surgery. One must be ready.

“My wrestling load has returned to normal. I hope this will be reflected, and I will give the performance you everyone and I personally wish.”

We wish Cech and his ‘wrestling load‘ well.