by Nia Griffiths

Ex-Newcastle goalkeeper, Pavel Srnicek, recently spoke about how important signing a pair of safe hands like Petr Cech would be for Arsenal and their title hopes.

Srnicek played for the Toon for seven years, featuring in 101 games and keeping 40 clean sheets. He also had spells at other English clubs, including Sheffield Wednesday, Portsmouth and West Ham United. The Czech Republic international now coaches at Sparta Prague.

Speaking recently he said, “He will be a leader. It’s expected that Petr will be the trump card for Arsenal and they can fight for their first title in a long time. And maybe even win it.”

Srnicek continued, “For him it’s great that he remains in the best circle of English clubs. Maybe it currently looks a bit like his performance goes down, but really minimal.”

He added, “On the other hand, he could fill a difference that there probably was between Arsenal and Chelsea.”

It’s clear to see how respected Cech is in the goalkeeping community and how signing him will be a terrific addition, if all goes through as planned, that is.

The coach also went on to reflect on how the Chelsea fans might feel and how the new keeper will be received at Arsenal.

“Chelsea fans will surely be disappointed,” he said. But I think that then they will always remember what Petr has done for the club. Additionally, the main reason for his departure is that he did not play last year. Everyone will understand that. It happened to me too. When I returned to Newcastle the whole stadium was absolutely fantastic for ninety minutes. When I caught something, so the fans applauded. They did not go against me.”

He added finally, “And the Arsenal fans? They welcome him with joy and admiration. They know that he can help with trophies.”

The lastest news on the subject seems to be that Cech is having his medical today with personal terms having already been agreed. This still remains to be proven. However, before this, it was reported that the medical was taking place next week.

Only time will tell.