Laurent Koscielny has been speaking about the job the fans do in lifting the team.

Often criticised, the Arsenal fans are actually considerably more vocal than the fans at other top clubs and their away support is undeniably one of the best in the game.

An old discussion often creeps up – is it the players job to lift the fans or the fans job to lift the players?

Quite simply, the answer is both.

“During the season you can’t play well every time, every game over 90 minutes,” Kos told Arsenal Player.

“Sometimes you are tired or your opponent is better than you, so I know that it’s very important [for the fans] to be behind us because they can help the team.

“When you have fans who sing in the 20 minutes that you know you are in difficult situations, it’s good to hear and it helps you to give more.

“It helps you do the defensive things to help your team-mates. It’s important – the fans are a big part [of success] for us and the final result.”

Arsenal fans were in superb voice on Monday night, despite having to travel almost 200 miles for a Monday night 8pm kick-off. Not that you ever hear them praised by Sky or BT Sports because it’s only the fans of small clubs and Liverpool who, apparently, are capable of making some noise.

The Arsenal fans usually are as well, you just have to want to open your ears and actually listen.