For once, injury has struck and will keep one of our players from getting injured even worse on international duty.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is set to miss the next three to four weeks with the hamstring injury he picked up at Old Trafford on Monday night, ruling him out of the England matches at the end of the month.

The midfielder, who has been in superb form, picked up the injury in the second half and while he tried to run it off, we all know you just can’t do that with a hamstring.

According to reports which emerged on Tuesday, the Ox is still awaiting the results of a scan which means that it is a possibility he could be out for longer depending on the grade of the strain, but as he was seen laughing and joking after the game and moving without any clear discomfort, despite having his thigh strapped, it seems as if a three-to-four week estimate would be correct.

Arsenal have suffered a spate of hamstring injuries this season, the Ox’s taking the total to 12 (nine players).