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Here at Daily Cannon we have some really big plans and have ideas for things that have never or rarely been done before in the niche of Arsenal. But these bigger projects take time and resources.

We’ve tried various ways of funding those, including going down the transfer nonsense/lots of clicks route, but we ended up hating ourselves and driving away readers who have been with the site since it began in 2008 as LadyArse.

Back then, it was just one person dishing up a daily blog. Now, we’ve grown to a team of writers and designers, all of whom get paid just about enough so they can live on soup. It also costs a lot to run a server that can handle large volumes of traffic, so between all that, we need to bring in thousands of pounds each month to keep going.


At Daily Cannon, we produce hundreds of articles every week, covering all aspects of Arsenal Football Club, including the youth teams and the women’s (and their youth sides too).

We offer a voice to Arsenal fans through our FanZone and we probably produce more Arsenal features and opinion pieces than any other site out there.


We have a regular, weekly panel podcast with bonus feature pods a few times a month.

We do full match coverage, including pre and post, with tactical analysis, fan reaction, opinion, news and more.


We have the only Injury League on the internet which tracks which clubs have been hardest hit by injury (started years ago when no-one would believe us that injuries were a bigger problem at Arsenal than most other clubs).


We produce exclusive monthly fixture wallpapers, twitter headers, covers, player wallpapers, infographs and much more including videos

What we want to do

We don’t want to give too much away at this point because, well, the internet is full of people who like to steal things, but we have big plans including some things that have never been tried before.

We also have some amazing ideas on the podcast front and a lot of your help would go to developing and producing these.

Why should I care?

If you’d like to help us get back to what really matters, producing content that resonates rather than makes you roll your eyes, then please consider becoming a supporter. You don’t have to donate much as every penny really will help.

How much will help?

Whatever you can spare will help more than you can imagine