Arsenal beat Leicester City in style on Monday night but it must have caught the sub-editors out because they nearly all went with the same boring headline on Tuesday morning for their back pages – ‘Perfect 10’.

If Arsenal fans were expecting to see something special on the sports pages this morning, then they are supporting the wrong club.

Whereas Tottenham were greeted with headlines declaring Mauricio Pochettino as ‘King’ and the best manager in the division after their turgid 1-0 win over West Ham in which their goalkeeper was named man of the match, Arsenal fans have to do with significantly less creativity.

181022 daily mail king pochettino adam crafton
Daily Mail Monday 21 October 2018

It’s worth noting that the journalist on that piece above is none other than Adam ‘cup of tea’ Crafton who picked an all Spurs Spurs-Arsenal combined XI and then cried because Arsenal tweeted him a gif.

Anyway, here’s how the back pages treated Arsenal’s 10th win in a row that included one of the best team goals you will ever see in your life: