Granit Xhaka, Robert Pires and Alex Scott visited the new sensory room at the Emirates Stadium, set up for fans with disabilities so they can enjoy the game.

Arsenal opened the room back in September. Working alongside the Shippey Campaign, an organisation set up by parents of autistic children, they designed the room to allow supporters with autism to enjoy the game in a safe environment.

The sensory area allows fans to get away from the noise and lights of the stadium where they can watch the game from behind a glass panel, which helps prevent things getting too loud or overwhelming.

Alex Scott went along to the room on a recent match-day, along with Granit Xhaka and club legend, Robert Pires. They all took some time to speak to fans and parents while they were there, with Scott playing interviewer.

Granit Xhaka visits Arsenal's new sensory room for children with autism
via BBC

“I’ve never seen anything like that (the sensory room). It’s nice to be here, to see the kids,” Xhaka said to the BBC as Scott pointed out one of the children had just beaten the midfielder at one of the room’s games.

robert pires sensory room arsenal
via BBC

“Yeah, it’s not so difficult because I’m a little bit tired from the [Arsenal] game,” Xhaka joked, prompting Scott to quip “Are you making excuses?”.

“No, he played very well, good job. You see they are happy, I’m happy as well to see the kids. It’s important for us.”

alex scott sensory room arsenal
via BBC

Robert Pires, meanwhile, said, “I think it’s very important to meet the kids, the parents, because maybe it is like the dream. So yes, it is very important to say you are not alone.”

The sensory room seems to be a success, which means these young supporters and their parents can go to games like the other 60,000 people in the stadium.

Hopefully other clubs around the country take note, and introduce similar measures to include ALL fans.