Arsenal fans have backed Mesut Ozil after his impassioned rant on social media on his fourth Gunner-versary.

Ozil signed for Arsenal four years ago yesterday (Saturday), prompting the playmaker to post an emotional 700-word message on social media.

The post, which soon turned into a rant, covered everything from Arsene Wenger, to how happy he is at Arsenal, to blasting his critics and former players for not standing by the club.

This demonstration of his passion towards the Arsenal has sparked Gooners to back the 28-year-old on social media. Although many claim that he needs to back up his words with performances and some even believe this is a ‘goodbye’ message.

There have been several former players that have come out in criticism of not just Ozil but the club as a whole following their shambolic performance against Liverpool. While Ozil has a point, it’s hard for fans and former players to sit back helplessly while the club appears to be in free-fall.

As a current player, Ozil can directly affect this and even if he’s the only one playing his heart out, at least we would know he cares.

The Germany international has under a year left on his current deal and while he was heavily rumoured to be signing an extension earlier in the summer, it’s all gone concerningly quiet on that front.