Hector Bellerin scored a crazy curler in Arsenal’s open training session at the Emirates on Thursday.

Not long after Reiss Nelson’s magical goal found its was onto social media, Bellerin got in on the action by sharing his own goal from the day – a rather awesome right-footed curling shot.

The 22-year-old isn’t exactly known for his goal-scoring ability. In fact, during his entire career, he’s only scored nine goals. And four of those have been since 2014/15.

It’s not exactly surprising, considering his shot accuracy was only 31% last year, according to Squawka.

With his speed, pass accuracy (85%) and 80% take-on success rate, his lack of goals doesn’t matter too much. However, it is the final string to his bow that he needs to truly become world class.

Barcelona certainly didn’t care about his lack of goals when they were hounding him earlier this summer. After signing a new deal at the end of 2016, taking him up to 2023, it was unlikely that the right-back would be going anywhere. However, the Catalan giants really wanted him.

Fortunately, when it became clear that although Bellerin was more open to the move than he had previously been due to his family moving back to Spain, he wasn’t playing ball, and neither were Arsenal, Barca threw their toys out the pram and crawled back under their rock.

Hopefully without the pressure of them buzzing around, Bellerin can focus on improving and perhaps Danielle Carter will be paying him that fiver.