Hector Bellerín is set to donate over £19k to the British Red Cross, in attempts to help victims from the Grenfell Tower fire last month.

At least 80 people lost their lives during the tragedy in north Kensington on June 14, with the death toll still expected to increase as more victims are identified.

On the eve of the U21 European Championships, Bellerín promised on Twitter to followers that he would donate £50 for every minute he played with Spain to help the victims.

He ended up with a runners-up medal as Spain lost 1-0 to Germany, but the 22-year-old has not forgotten his promise despite the setback in the tournament.

On Twitter, he announced the total figures – 381 minutes played which totalled a donation of £19,050, which he said he’d pass on to the British Red Cross.


The talented right-back has been in London since he was 16 and his pledge is one of many from Premier League clubs and footballers that will help build the area.