Arsenal will finalise the sale of Brazilian Wellington Silva to Bordeaux next week, according to reports.

  • Silva has agreed terms with Bordeaux
  • The delay in the sale is due to Arsenal receiving 45% of the transfer fee

Last week, it was reported that Arsenal had activated the buyback clause in Silva’s contract so that he could then be sold Ligue 1 side Bordeaux.

The deal was expected to happen quickly, with an announcement due last week.

However, the announcement didn’t come, and it would appear the deal isn’t quite finished yet.

The delay is said to be caused by Arsenal receiving 45% of the transfer fee, which has added an extra layer of complexity to the deal that’s taking some time to sort out.

The entire transfer is rather strange, but Arsenal are expected to receive £4.5m for the player after buying him back from Fluminese for £3.1m.

The deal is expected to completed next week.