Stan Kroenke has reportedly told Hector Bellerin he is not for sale.

  • Barcelona were told that Bellerin is not for sale but are they listening?
  • Kroenke was apparently upset by the speculation
  • Arsenal owner not known for getting involved in club issues

It wasn’t just Arsenal fans who were annoyed by the speculation surrounding Hector Bellerin.

According to reports, Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke was also annoyed by the speculation, and told Bellerin himself that he wasn’t for sale.

It’s always hard to believe any story about Kroenke being actively involved with Arsenal, given how standoffish he’s been since arriving.

However, it does at least correlate with reports of Barcelona dropping their interest in Bellerin because they’ve been told he’s not for sale.

Barcelona announced their interest in Bellerin with a typical media campaign that detailed their various intricate plans to sign him.

An in-depth interview from Bellerin seemed to be a part of that plan, and that kicked off all kinds of speculation.

However, Bellerin tweeted that we shouldn’t believe everything we read, and the club doesn’t want to sell.

So hopefully that’ll be the end of it.

For now at least…