Martin Keown believes that by not being open about his plans for the future, Arsene Wenger is affecting the ‘feelgood factor’ of Arsenal and, in turn, negatively influencing the players.

  • Wenger wants new two-year contract, Arsenal board stalling
  • Decision to be announced at end of season
  • Keown believes players negatively affected by indecision
  • Urges Wenger to make his choice ‘and quickly’

Keown claims that the players are worried about having the ‘warmth’ that Wenger creates ripped away from them and, with their confidence already so low, this is causing them to play poorly.

“One of Wenger’s greatest strengths is the warmth he creates,” the ex-Arsenal defender told Daily Mail.

“With Wenger not confirming whether he will stay or go, the players face all of that being ripped away.

“They are not strong enough to face that prospect.

“It is why the players have not been performing.

“Their self esteem has fallen and their confidence has been sapped.

“It is affecting the environment at the club and the feelgood factor among the group.

“Wenger has to make a decision and quickly to help the group.”

The uncertainty surrounding the club is almost definitely a massive influence on the way the players perform. Keown’s not the first former player to say so and he won’t be the last. All you have to do is watch how Arsenal are playing right now to see they don’t give a hoot.

However, Wenger recently insisted that it’s not affecting the players at all and seemed oblivious to the harm the uncertainty surrounding his future might be causing.

“We lost too many duels and we paid for that. There is no obvious reason why. We prepared and everyone prepared well. It’s difficult to explain just after the game,” Wenger said after losing 3-0 away to Crystal Palace.

“I don’t think my players didn’t want it, but we lost duels in decisive moments and that’s how games are decided at this level.

“I understand our fans are disappointed and we all are deeply tonight. It’s very worrying and disappointing the way we lost the game. Palace were sharp, they beat Chelsea the other day, and that shows they have quality.

“We are in a difficult position. The game tonight doesn’t help.”

Recent reports claim that the Arsenal board are now stalling over handing the Frenchman the two-year deal that had previously been on the table.

It seems that the decision will be announced at the end of the season.

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