Gary Neville tears Arsenal trio apart: But he’s wrong about two

Gary Neville didn’t hold back when it came to post-Manchester City analysis, picking out Laurent Koscielny, Theo Walcot and Mesut Ozil for special criticism.

Koscielny was criticised for coming off injured, Theo Walcott for trudging off the pitch when he was subbed in the second half, and Mesut Ozil for not putting his foot in when he had a great chance in front of the City keeper.

You can hear everything he has to say in the video above and while I normally agree with GNev, I have to take issue with at least two of the points he makes.

Firstly, he has no clue how badly Laurent Koscielny is injured.

Arsene Wenger admits he doesn’t know how long Kos will be out for – but he is out. He is not fit to play.

He is also a player who has had serious Achilles’ problems before. Should he have risked destroying them to give Wenger ‘five minutes’ in the second half?

How do you know he didn’t already risk injury by playing the first 45?

As for saying ‘he always goes off’ – Laurent Koscielny has been subbed off three times this season, twice in the Premier League and once in the Champions League.

The Mesut Ozil criticism is also harsh because by the time the chance fell to him he was clearly dead on his feet having hardly played any football whatsoever over the past few months. Illnesses and injury have kept him sidelined and you could clearly see he was fatigued, as even Arsene Wenger highlighted.