Former Arsenal star, Charlie Nicholas, has urged Arsenal and Arsene Wenger to stand up and ‘face the music’ during one of the worst periods in the club’s history.

  • Wenger could sign new two-year deal, Arsenal board said to be stalling
  • Arsenal currently 6th
  • Boss wants fans to get behind the team despite Palace loss
  • Charlie Nicholas fears uncertainty is harming ‘community’ club

Nicholas echoed what a large portion of Arsenal fans are currently feeling recently when he launched into a rant about how negatively the uncertainty over Wenger’s future is affecting the team.

“Arsenal is a community club,” the pundit said to Sky Sports News HQ.

“Now it has to face the music and say this is the worst period, and that it was probably a matter of time before it was going to happen.

“Unfortunately it has happened so quickly that people don’t have a response.

“The football club must respond. Arsene must respond. And if he doesn’t someone must on his behalf.

“We have no leadership at the top end. Arsene controls the footballing situation, he says he would tell us [his decision] ‘soon’ and that it doesn’t affect the team.

“I’m sorry Arsene, I love you, you’ve been absolutely sensational, but it’s affected the game and the team enormously.

“I’m not chasing Arsene out the door. All I’m saying is, Arsene – make your announcement. Everybody needs clarity. Arsene please, come out and give clarity on the situation.

“A bit of openness and honesty back to the Arsenal fans. We need to know the answer, we need to know it now. It needs clarity. All we’re asking is for you tell us.

“You can’t wait on a win – for Man City in the FA Cup semi-final and hope you win and that it will pacify the crowd.

“The crowd at Crystal Palace were telling you what they feel. It’s growing now.

“If you’re going to leave, we want you to leave with humility, and the gratitude that we’d like to show to you is festering now. I hate to see the man in such pain.”

On Monday night, Arsenal lost 3-0 to Crystal Palace with most of the players looking as if they’d rather be just about anywhere but on that pitch playing for that manager. This once again demonstrated that whether Wenger will admit it or not, those players ARE affected by what’s going on behind the scenes.

This could be down to them not knowing who will be their manager next season or them believing it’s Wenger and planning to leave.

Whatever it is, someone at the club needs to, as Nicholas says, stand up and face the music. Otherwise, it’s only going to get worse.

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