Arsene Wenger looks to be staying and, if you believe recent reports, has already signed a new deal, with the club just trying to work out the best time to announce it.

One clever Gooner came up with the date 30 March and that seems perfect.


Well, 30 March is none other than Piers Morgan’s birthday.

Can you imagine his face if he wakes up to celebrate turning 52 only to see the backpages covered in Arsene Wenger’s face, delighted with new deal at Arsenal?

Almost seems worth giving him the deal just to annoy Morgan.

Almost. I said almost.

816 retweets, 769 likes. It seems that quite a few Arsenal fans think this is a great idea. I mean, it’s going to happen anyway, why not have some fun with it?

In other Wenger news, there were reports that he had agreed (or had been offered) a two-year deal by PSG, a club who have tried to lure him there for years.

Wenger denied this in an interview with beIN Sports, calling it ‘fake news’. He said, “It is a false rumour, that is what you call ‘fake news’. I formally deny it, it is not true.”