Earlier in the week, Laurent Koscielny had comments made to the French media taken out of context and now Arsene Wenger has had his say.

Kos’ comments seemed to be twisted in translation and they implied that he was questioning Wenger’s team selection against Chelsea when really he was just – quite rightly – trashing Arsenal’s performance.

The media reported Kos as saying, “I think we played some players in front of others and I think we should have played more as a team and there was space to do so. They hit us on the counter.

“It will be difficult no. Mathematically, nothing is done but we know that it is going to be very complicated.

“We need to come back to the quality of our game, our passing, movement.”

Our French writer, Sylvain Jamet, translated the comments as something very different:

“It will be hard (to get the title) now, mathematically it is still possible, but we know it will be very difficult.

“We need to come back to [our basics], our quality of play, our pass and move game.

“I think we tried to play [individually], one player after another rather and I think we should have played more as a team with a lot more movements.”

When asked, Wenger confirmed that he had spoken to our captain about the comments and understood that they had indeed been twisted. Although he also acknowledged that while he’s responsible for team selection, the players are responsible for their performance against our (former) title rivals.

Considering the boss probably initially watched the post-match comments in French, there wouldn’t have ever been an issue there since he would have understood the translation.

Once again, the British media blowing perfectly balanced, sensible comments up into something that insinuated one of our players is unhappy with Wenger being manager.

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