Arsene Wenger has once again shown that he knows far more about what’s going on in the press than he likes to let on.

After Arsenal’s 2-1 loss away to Everton, Wenger pointed out how the corner, which led to the Toffee’s second goal, was not a corner. The decision was wrong. And it was.

However, the way this was relayed to rival boss, Ronald Koeman, was that Wenger was blaming the referee, which led Koeman to suggest that Wenger is a bad loser.

“I’m not surprised at Wenger’s comments,” he said.

“It’s the third time I’ve beaten him at home and the third time [he has made] it about the ref.”

During Wenger’s pre-Manchester City press conference, it was clear the boss wanted to clear the air, as he pointed out how he never actually blamed the referee. He merely disagreed with one or two of his decisions. This is not blaming Mark Clattenburg for Arsenal losing 2-1, since there were also other aspects of the game where we fell short.

“In my job, people who like losing – believe me – they don’t last a long time,” Wenger said.

“And concerning the referee: yes, I don’t agree with the performance of the referee against us on Tuesday night but I didn’t say a word about it [after the game].

“It’s the old trick that the journalists, young journalists who are very ambitious, do. They take a lie into the [press conference] question for the next manager and hope he responds to it. If you read well what I said after the game, you will see that I didn’t say a word about the referee.”

That’s right, journos. He’s onto you!