Per Mertesacker is pleased with how his rehab is going.

As you’ll be well aware by now, Per Mertesacker has been out all season after sustaining a knee injury, which he had to get operated on. The German is due to return early next year and he’s been all over social media this week sharing the most recent stages of his rehabilitation, from yoga to endurance training.

His most recent post claims that his rehab has gone well and he’s ready to return ‘home’ to north London to continue working towards helping the team.

The big guy is obviously eager to get back on the pitch and his media team are really pushing his public presence. This week, he’s been everywhere, talking about Brexit and Donald Trump, Arsene Wenger’s future, and Bastian Schweinsteiger at Manchester United.

Mertesacker has also spoken about his future and how he wants one more year at Arsenal. His contract is up at the end of this season and negotiations aren’t underway yet.

“Since the contract expires in summer, there will certainly be talks soon,” he said.

“Of course it also depends on whether I get back on the pitch well. If I am completely fit, I would like to hang for at least a year. 

“We feel very comfortable in London, and I feel a great appreciation in the club.

“I can not say that [I want to return to Werder or Hannover]. 

“I’m currently fixed on the idea to extend at Arsenal. Of course, my wife and I are playing with the idea of going back to Germany. We will decide in due course. 

“There are many things involved. Am I still healthy enough? Do I really want to play Bundesliga again?”

Since buying Shkodran Mustafi from Valencia this summer, even when Per returns, he’s right down the pecking order.

Only time will tell if we see Per play for Arsenal for much longer.