Arsenal legend Kanu scored a hat-trick against Milan Glory on Saturday but what’s perhaps just as impressive is that he predicted it!

The hero scored two brilliant headers and a spot-kick during Arsenal Legends’ 4-2 win over Milan Glorie. Not only did the Gunners win, they put in an excellent display with £1m of the proceeds going to charity.

It’s for a fantastic cause, something that Kanu spoke about before the match, and also a fun day out for families.

The atmosphere seemed jovial and light-hearted, with the players from opposing sides having a laugh and messing around, which is exactly what it should have been.

Not only this but we got to see some of the best players to ever play for Arsenal and Milan set foot on the pitch once again.

Although, I’m entirely convinced that Kanu is either an alien, robot or superhuman because there’s no way he can predict the future and be that good at football at the age of 40.