A report from Valencia is claiming that Arsenal do not want to take any longer over signing Shkodran Mustafi as Valencia try desperately to hold onto the German international.

Claiming that the price being quoted by the German media is some €7m higher than Valencia were asking for the player in June (€32m v €25m), they also state that Valencia will neither confirm nor deny that they are negotiating with Arsenal despite having previously said they had not received a bid from them.

The report also gives reasons it feels that Mustafi’s price has gone up, namely, that he is an experienced international who would leave a hole in their side, although the last time I checked he was also that in June.

This report seems to be hodge-podge of information that is widely available on sites across the world, with some added Valencia-specific details making it hard to tell if they have real information or if they are simply making their best guess based on what is already out there.

With Everton looking at signing Aymen Abdennour (because Valencia reportedly offered him to them), Valencia’s concern is that they could end up with neither player when the window shuts. They would, however, have more than an extra €50m to spend on players to fill those positions if they would hurry things along a little bit.

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