Reports from Spain have been picked up by the BBC claiming that Arsenal have had a bid that was already said to be accepted, rejected because they wanted to pay in two instalments instead of paying it all up front – but this is probably not true.

For a story that only broke last night and took on a life of its own today, this one has had more twists and turns than the Vardy nonsense we had earlier in the summer.

Firstly Arsenal’s bid was accepted and it was up to the player to decide where he wanted to go, then West Brom were going ‘all out’ to get him by offering him £50k per week (careful there, Tony), and now it’s being claimed that Arsenal haven’t even had a bid accepted at all.

Worse than that, it’s been rejected!

The drama!


No sooner had we said that we’d go off and investigate this than we came across a report claiming that the bid had been accepted, Arsenal would pay it all up front and the player would sign his new contract with Arsenal in the ‘coming hours.’

€6m of the €20m fee will go to Perez’s former club, PAOK.

We’ll get on top of this, round up all the reports from both Spain and England and bring a more comprehensive look at what’s going on in a 9pm (UK) update.

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