Carlos Bacca seems to be holding out for a Champions League club as he continues to be linked with Arsenal.

Amidst the madness that is the transfer window, we’re trying to keep an eye on what we actually know, what we don’t, and what’s just total nonsense.

So, what do we know about Arsenal and Carlos Bacca?

Not very much.

West Ham made one bid of €30m for the AC Milan man but the player refused to sign for them.

The Hammers then went back a second time and the player has both ‘turned them down again’ and ‘is thinking about it’ depending on where you do your reading.

According to West Ham joint-chairman David Gold on Twitter, “a deal has been done with his club, it’s now up to the player”.

What we don’t know

If Arsenal are actually even interested.

Rumours earlier in the week claimed that AC Milan were hoping that Arsenal, as a Champions League club, would offer them €30m for Bacca given that he doesn’t want to go to West Ham.

Beyond Bacca being a forward, being available, and Arsenal said to be trying to sign a forward, there seems to be nothing else to link us with this ‘transfer’ despite the number of articles it has spawned.