Following the drama/hilarity of England getting knocked out of the Euros by Iceland, it was a ghost town in the Goonerverse on Tuesday.

We started with Wrighty politely claiming that he wouldn’t want Arsene Wenger as England manager and Shearer not-so-politely lambasting Hodgson for daring to bring the devil incarnate that is Jack Wilshere, an England international player, to France, to play for England, in an international match. Honestly, the cheek!

Meanwhile, over in Brazil, a journo confirmed on the radio that Santos had pretty much accepted a bid for good ol’ Gabigol and it could actually be us.

Juventus continue to offer me out for a fight by pursuing Alexis; Roma might want Vermaelen (remember him?); Morata continued to grind my gears by saying he’s happy to stay at Real Madrid; we were linked with David Alaba; and everyone’s remembered that Draxler exists!