A summer without the Premier League doesn’t have to be football-less doom and gloom. Unless that’s what you want, that is.

After Arsenal’s final half of the season, you’d be forgiven for wanting a little bit of a break from football. However, the last day, in which we hilariously finished above Spurs because they’re bigger bottlers than us, gave some of us a refreshed outlook.

I, for one, am looking forward to the Euros and here’s why you should too.

1 – You get to watch football you don’t really care about

This may be presumptuous of me but I’m willing to bet that most die-hard Gooners don’t actually care half as much about their national team as they do about Arsenal. Of course, there’s probably a nation you support over others but if they lose, despite perhaps feeling frustrated and indignant, you don’t care quite as much. Even though sometimes, after a couple of pints of Peroni, you really try.

I know I don’t.

I’m half Welsh, half English, so I’ll be keeping a keen eye on both teams during the Euros. However, while I’ll celebrate if we score and slap me knee in frustration when we do something silly – which, in England’s case, is very likely – I won’t get that gut-wrenching nausea that I do with Arsenal. I won’t be sitting there, getting a sweat on because Wenger’s just brought on Flamini against Barcelona. Or, vice versa, cackling because Newcastle have gone 5-1 up against Spurs.

Call me a philistine but I’m positively thrilled to bits about watching football I don’t want to literally cry over.

2 – Keeping up with the Koscielnys

Quite a few Arsenal players are going to be involved in the Euros and, like cousins you actually like (the ones that you end up doing Jägerbombs and howling karaoke with every once in a while), it’s quite nice to keep up with them while they’re representing their country. When they score or basically play well, I inexplicably find myself taking on the feeling of a proud mother; as if, somehow, by me supporting the club they play for, I’ve birthed them myself and taught them how to play to Beautiful Game in my back garden.

Yes, even the players who are older than me.

If you also want to keep up with what games our players are taking part in and how our they’re doing, our very own Anita has put together a handy chart for you to download at your leisure.

3 – Let’s all laugh at Tottenham (or just about everyone)

Alternatively, instead (or as well as, if you’re anything like me) you may want to spend the tournament mocking players who have left Arsenal and people from opposition clubs. For example, Harry Kane missing a penalty, Cesc Fabregas slipping over or Robin van Persie not making the Euros in general.

Hey, I may be bitter but at least I’ll be laughing no matter what.

4 – You can talk to people about football

This may seem like a daunting one because it involves going outside which, admittedly, I’m not the best at. However, the Euros give you an opportunity to talk to people you wouldn’t usually talk to, let alone agree with, over footballing matters.

I know that if I go down my local pub, more or less the whole place will be cheering along England and the atmosphere isn’t nearly as heated because there’s not so much rivalry. Whereas when I go to support Arsenal, the majority hate me and it’s comfortable.

Although the Euros breed their own brand of poisonous atmosphere, it’ll be interesting to actually not have to fall out with people when trying to have a pint and watch people kick a ball.

5 – Living on the edge

Us Gooners are dare devils. Of course we are. Why else would we continue to subject ourselves to some of the nail-biting matches we’ve had over the past 10 years. Bungee-jumping? Pah. White water rafting? Pah. Sky diving? PAH. They have nothing on being an Arsenal fan.

If you’re going to miss the anxiety of not knowing whether you’re going to win, even if you’re 3-0 up, or if you want to hold your breath every time Jack Wilshere is tackled, or if you haven’t spat the word ‘tactics’ in a tad too long, then the Euros may be for you.

We’ll be covering them extensively on Daily Cannon, so if you’re unsure where to start, start with us.

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