A set-piece goal used to be a rarity for Arsenal fans, as did anything coming from a cross.

Let’s get one thing right quickly: crosses are inefficient way of creating chances. However, not all crosses are equal, some players are better at delivering the ball than others and some players are better at getting on the end of chances than others.

North London erupted on Sunday afternoon when, in the 95th minutes, Danny Welbeck rose to glance a Mesut Özil free-kick into the far post, clinching all three points against title rivals Leicester City. It was Welbeck’s second headed goal for Arsenal after a winner at the Hawthorns last season, and we score more headers than you may think.

Yep, that’s right, since the start of the 2013/14 season Arsenal have scored 31 headers in the Premier League, a tally no side can beat. The form of Olivier Giroud has been a massive contributing factor, since he arrived in England nobody has scored more headers than the Frenchman, while Santi Cazorla and (even more) Mesut Özil deliver the ball fantastically well.

Laurent Koscielny chips in now and then too, Gabriel scored his first Arsenal goal in December and Theo Walcott has even scored a bullet header in that time. Özil himself scored a header against Norwich City in his first Arsenal season!

So the idea that Arsenal aren’t an aerial threat: why does that still exist?