Sol Campbell thinks Arsenal are on the right track under Unai Emery, and says we need to give the new head coach a bit more time before we judge him.

Analysing Arsenal’s start to the season, Campbell admitted there wasn’t much Emery could do in the opening game against Manchester City, but since then the team have been making good progress.

“City are streets ahead but Arsenal could well have beaten Chelsea, and might even have been 5-2 up at half-time,” he said in the Mail on Sunday. “I see good signs because they are learning from mistakes during games. Halfway through the season you’ll see where Arsenal are.”

It’s good to see that at least some of Arsenal’s former players are willing to give the new head coach a chance.

In all honesty, it’s bizarre we’re even having a discussion, about whether Emery deserves time to implement his ideas. We’re only mid-way through the first international break of the season, with Arsenal only playing matches in one of the four competitions so far. There’s no way we have enough information to judge the new boss just yet.

The games will really get going this month, with the match against Newcastle this weekend followed by four matches in 10 days between September 20th and September 29th.

Hopefully the team will come out of that period with a few more wins under their belts, but regardless we’re sure to know a lot more about Emery and the squad afterwards.