Jack Wilshere’s representatives have spoken to the club again to try and see if Arsenal’s changing managerial situation might lead to a better contract offer, but without success.

According to rumours on social media, Wilshere’s agents were apparently hopeful that they might get a better deal for their client, given Arsene Wenger’s departure.

Perhaps they were hoping Arsenal would want to keep the squad together more than ever right now. That’s probably true, as you don’t want to change your manager and your team all at once.

Unfortunately for them, the club continue to insist this is the only offer Wilshere will get. Clearly he isn’t happy enough with the deal on the table to sign it, but Arsenal aren’t budging.

Honestly, I think that’s a good thing. Wilshere hasn’t had a disastrous season by any means, but he’s also still showing exactly the same flaws that have stopped him progressing significantly since his breakthrough into the team all those years ago.

The biggest issue is obviously his injury record, and as I write this he’s rehabilitating from an ankle problem. He started the season slowly coming back from a broken leg. Nothing has changed, and Arsenal can’t keep paying up for a player they can’t rely on.

If Wilshere accepts the offer, great. The club hang onto a player who clearly cares about them, but save money for themselves during those injury spells. If he doesn’t accept, we move on.